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Pesquisa sobre imunoterapêuticos no controle de infecções é destaque no UniverCiência

pesquisadora com amostra em equipamento no laboratório

 UFRPE's research gained more visibility space. This is the UniverCiência program, a biweekly journalistic publication that delves into the universe of scientific research at universities in the Northeast. The idea is to disseminate the important contributions that these institutions bring to people's quality of life, both on open television and on the internet. In episode 14 of Season 3, research by UFRPE is highlighted, which investigates the potential of natural and immunotherapeutic products in the control of bacterial infections. 

The program is an initiative of a network headed by the Universidade Estadual do Sul da Bahia (UESB), and the videos are hosted, in all seasons and episodes, on YouTube: .

At 15:36 of the episode, the program brings the study coordinated by Professor Victor Lima, from the Department of Biology at UFRPE, which also verifies the possibility of the simultaneous use of antibiotic drugs and natural immunotherapeutic products.

Through collaborative content, the reach of UniverCiência is national, being disseminated, in addition to the Northeast, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District. So far, 15 26-minute programs have been aired, disseminating the projects and research produced by the partner institutions. 

Check out the report on the UFRPE research below, and follow the program also on the UFRPE Channel and other communication vehicles.


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istanbul evden eve nakliyat