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Note of clarification on misconception in the matter of the Diário de Pernambuco

Regarding a report published on Thursday (9/11), by the Journal of Pernambuco, Economics, referring to the "expansion of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE)", which would be included in works with irregularities, UFRPE clarifies the misunderstanding in the information in the note below.


The Court of Audit of the Union carried out inspection, from 02 to 12/05/2017 with the objective of evaluating the integrated contracting of drafting and development services of the basic and executive projects of engineering and execution of the works of construction of the infrastructure of the Campus of the Academic Unit of Cabo de Santo Agostinho (UACSA), object of Contract 19/2014 signed with the construction company Pottencial Ltda. This inspection was carried out within the scope of FISCOBRAS / 2017, which is the inspection plan of the Court of Auditors of the Union, which is annual periodicity, which includes projects selected in accordance with the provisions of the respective Laws of Budgetary Guidelines (LDO).
The TCU selected for its analysis 100 (one hundred) projects, chosen according to the relevance, both financially and socially, among which was the construction work of UACSA.

Yesterday, 11/08/2017, the TCU disclosed the results of these audits, consolidated in Judgment 2449/2017 - Plenary. In this Judgment, the TCU points out that of the 100 selected projects, of which 94 were effectively audited, 72 presented serious irregularities, 11 of which the TCU recommends to the Joint Budget Committee of the National Congress its stoppage. It should be noted that in the Judgment there is no mention of irregularities in the construction works of UACSA.

In conjunction with Judgment 2449/2017 - Plenary, the TCU published an Appendix, containing the summary of FISCOBRAS / 2017, where it is clearly shown in the table on page 9, that the "Restructuring and expansion works of UFRPE" have no "evidence of serious irregularities ".

The TCU has not yet released the individual results of each of the inspections carried out within the scope of FISCOBRAS / 2017, when, although it does not contain any indication of serious irregularities, it may submit recommendations that will contribute to the good progress of the construction of the infrastructure of the Campus of the Academic Unit of Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

Judgment 2449/2017 - Plenary: