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UFRPE promotes wheel of talk about drugs this Tuesday (10/24)

The use of psychoactive substances among young people has raised important discussions around the world. In university centers, the exchange of knowledges and experiences can and should favor a healthy, rich and specialized discussion environment. In this context, UFRPE, through the Division of Psychosocial Programs of the Department of Quality of Life (DQV / Sugep), promotes, next Tuesday (24/10), a talk wheel on drugs.

In the morning and afternoon shifts, in the hall of the Graduate Education Center (Cegoe), at Campus Dois Irmãos, the team, along with other specialists, will facilitate the dialogue with students, servants and others interested in enriching the debate with knowledge , concerns and contributions.

Among the topics covered are: psychoactive substances; definition; etiology; drug addiction; groups; damage; types of users; prevention; treatment; damage reduction.

Materials will be distributed on the theme.


In order to get a taste of the university community's opinion on the subject, the organization of the event also prepared a simple and anonymous survey, through ballot boxes left in strategic places and forms on why to use drugs or not. The participation of all (s) is of great relevance for the elaboration of future actions.



  • Ana Maria Faria Carneiro (psychologist, Executive Secretary of the State Council for Antidrug Policies (CEPAD)
  • Team of the Department of Quality of Life of UFRPE.


  • Rita Acioli (Nurse, Coordinator of Mental Health - Alcohol and other Drugs of the State Department of Health).
  • Team of the Department of Quality of Life of UFRPE.