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Larger organ of the administration of UFRPE, the Rectory coordinates all the activities of the institution. Installed in the headquarters of Two Brothers, the Rectory and its constituent bodies are responsible for planning, executing and supervising everything that happens at the University.
The current rectorate is led by the Rector Maria José de Sena. The Office of the Rector is part of the Rectory, the Pro-Rectorates of: Administration (PROAD); Graduation Teaching (PREG); Planning (Proplan); Extension Activities (PRAE); Student Management (Progest) and Research and Graduate Programs (PRPPG), as well as support, advisory, general and specific administration bodies.

President: Professor Maria José de Sena

Vice-president: Professor Marcelo Brito Carneiro Leão

Head of Cabinet: Professor Cláudia Helena Dezótti